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 8500 E. Alameda Ave. Denver, CO 80247 
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Awana Awards Ceremony
May 15th, 2002

1st Year

Jared Shaffer
Gabriel Quintana
Aaron Trygstad
Braedon Jewers
Michael Barnes

2nd Year

Rebekah Borkert
Amy Barnes
Arial Quintana
Evan Self
Eric Ayon
Gabriel Gallegos
Skyler Grinnell

Cubby Leaders:

Melissa Shaffer -2 Years
Lori Shaffer - 8 Years
Robin Densmore - 15 Years
Judy Schreiber -9 Years
Carlin Needham  - Secretary






1st Book Ribbon

Emily McMullin
Stephen Baumgartner
David Borkert
Joshua Gallegos
Stephanie Gipson
Sterling Grinnell
Kursten Shaffer
Ben Trygstad
Brittany Manzanares
Victoria Berzins

2nd Book Ribbon

Jonathan Barnes
Joel Newcomb
Olivia Pine
Ian Self

3rd Book Plaque

Melissa Barker
Grace Borkert
Shane Mathias
Stetson Mathias
Bethany Lang
Julie Pine

Sparky Leaders:

Peggy Lorch - 23 Years
Erin Parker - 2 Years
Naomi Cline - 8 Years
Lorraine Quintana - 3 Years - Secretary

Book 1 Ribbon

Emily Barnes - Guards
Maggie Barnes - Chums
Michael Gipson - Pals
Harmony Lorch - Chums
Josh Shaffer - Pals
Daniel Trygstad - Pioneers
Sarah Trygstad - Chums

Excellence Award

Emily Barker
Emily Barnes - Guards
Becky Barnes - Guards
Philip Self - Pals
Sean Gallegos - Pals

3rd Book Plaque

Emily Barnes - Guards
Shannon Hockman - Guards
Charity Lang - Guards
Caleb McDowell - Pioneers
Joanna Pine - Guards
Micah Self - Pioneers

Timothy Award

Caroline Borkert
Jason Lorch - Pioneers
Micah Self - Pioneers
Joel Shaffer - Pioneers


Melissa Clark -
Patty Babers - 20 Years
Jenny Locke - 2 Years

Kevin Lorch - 22 Years
Andy Lang - 9 Years
Collin Schreiber - 2 Years
Jon Lutterman - 4 Years
Nathan Barnes - 2 Years
Clay Schreiber - 9 Years

AWANA Secretaries:

Ruth Ann Lang
Marie Lang
Dale Mathias

Jenny Lutterman
Tina Shaffer








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