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Junior Bible Quizzing

What it is
Junior Bible Quizzing is another way that Junior age kids (4th—6th grade) are challenged to learn more about God and His Word. It is a nation-wide competition that challenges young people to memorize God’s Word, and then allows them to test their knowledge against other schools and/or churches.

How it works
The way that it works with us is that those involved are given certain sections out of this year’s passage and are challenged to memorize and meditate on those sections in the best that they can. Every week the coaches work with the parents to challenge the kids to not only learn the words of the passage, but the actual meaning and impact of the passage as well. Our main goal is not necessarily for the young people to win every quiz on the score board (although that is a desire of ours). Our main goal is that our young people would have (1.) a deeper understanding of and (2.) a deeper desire for God and His Word.

This year’s passage
Hebrews, I & II Peter

This year’s tournament
The Junior’s main tournament of the year is the Mid-American Association of Christian School’s (MAACS) tournament which is held in Kansas City, Missouri

The Practice Times
Friday Mornings:
8:00—9:00 am (during school year)
9:00—11:00am (during summer and “off” days)
Sunday Afternoons:
4:30—5:15 pm (excluding main holidays)

The Coaches
Pastor Jono, Kendall Ellis and Rachel Cline

The Quizzers
Eric Ayon
David Borkert
Gabe Gallegos
Josh Gallegos
Alicia Garcia
Stephanie Gipson
Natalie McGuffin
Austin Self
BJ Self
Evan Self
Ian Self
Ben Trygstad
Paul White

The Junior Quizzer
The “Junior Quizzer” is a weekly “newspaper” which gives short updates and stories from the weekly stats and practices.

Download the latest edition:


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