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Woodside Home

Densmore Family

Brian and Joy Densmore are Church Planting missionaries. When Brian was eight, his father led him to the Lord. At the age of fourteen, the Lord called Brian to preach. Joy received Christ as her personal Savior at the age of four. Brian and Joy met while attending Pensacola Christian College. After graduation they were married and Brian began serving as Associate Pastor of outreach, music and discipleship at South Holly Baptist Church in Centennial, Colorado. Later he served as Singles Pastor at Woodside Baptist Church in Denver, Colorado where they both felt the Lord’s calling into missions. They have 2 sons, Benjamin and Joshua.

Brian and Joy have gleaned much wisdom and knowledge from their parents. Especially helpful at this time in Brian and Joy’s lives has been the relationship and working with Joy’s parents, Chet and Jeanette Tibbetts, and her grandparents, Dr. Shelby and Stella Mayo, who have served as missionaries in various parts of the world.

Brian, Joy
Benjamin, Joshua & Eliana

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