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Abel Herrera

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Abel and Becky Herrera


Abelís parents taught him to serve the Lord however and wherever He might lead. He received Christ as his Savior at age 8, and preached his first sermon at age 15. While living at a native mission station in South Mexico with his parents, he felt the Lord calling him to full-time service at age 17.

He graduated from Instituto Bautista Manantial in 2000, pastored Bethel Baptist Church for 18 months and then founded Gethsemany Baptist Church where he continues as pastor.

Becky received Christ as her Savior at age 6. She married Abel in 1998 and graduated from the Bible Institute in 1999. The Herreras have two boys: Timothy (4) and Nathaniel (1).

The Herrera family ministry is focused on pastoring Gethsemany Baptist Church. Although the church is relatively young, there has been steady growth and spiritual maturity. Abel and Becky are also involved in the Bible Institute and Christian Academy as well: teaching, cooking and being dorm supervisors and campus parents.



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