Phil Peterson
Biblical Ministries Worldwide


Philip was born and reared in a pastor’s home in Minneapolis and born again in 1975. He received much of his training at Fourth Baptist School, Pillsbury College (where he met his wife Cindy in 1981)and Central Seminary. For seven years Philip taught in a Christian school. In the fall of 1991 God began directing Philip and Cindy toward missions. She is the daughter of Wings As Eagles Missions Air Service founder, Bob Warinner.

In 1996 Philip and Cindy with their three oldest children arrived in Jonkoping, Sweden, to assist in a church-planting ministry. Two additional children were born there. The Petersons were excited to see God’s work in this spiritually needy country. A church with several solid families is actively ministering in the city. A Bible institute was established in 2000 to provide the members with solid Bible training and three young men are currently preparing for the ministry.

In the fall of 2000, God allowed the Peterson’s ”routine” visa extension to be denied, closing the door for them to minister full-time in Jonkoping. They are now preparing to be involved in a multi-national, English-speaking ministry based in Berlin, Germany, beginning January 2002.

The Petersons are now working in Scotland.

Mission Board Address:

Baptist Ministries Worldwide

1595 Harrington Road

Lawrenceville, GA 30043

(770) 339-3500

Home Church:
Fourth Baptist Church
900 Forestview Lane
Plymouth, MN 55441
(763) 417-8200