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Andrew Shields

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Andrew & Egla Shields


Andrew grew up on the mission field with his parents. He graduated from Clearwater Christian College, where he also served as a Youth Pastor and Music Minister for a local church.


Laura Eglantina graduated from the Bible Institute in 1999.  They were married in 2002 and accepted as missionaries to Mexico for the Bread of Life Baptist Mission that same year. They have two daughters: Annette and Cesia.


Andrew currently serves as pastor of Christian Harmony Baptist Church in El Castillo, N.L. Mexico, and teaches at Instituto Bautista Manatial and the Christian Academy in his hometown of San Antonio, Coahuila.


Border Address:
1606 Sol St.
San Juan, TX 78589
Field Address:
A.P. 37
Arteaga, COAH
Mexico 25350




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