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The Life of David Series - 42 Parts
By Pastor Craig M. Scott

02/22/2006 Part 42 "The Legacy of David" (Series Finale)
02/15/2006 Part 41 "David Numbers the People"
02/01/2006 Part 40 "David's Last Song"
01/25/2006 Part 39 "David's Response to Shimei"
01/18/2006 Part 38 "Victory Into Defeat"
01/11/2006 Part 37 "Consequences in the Life of David" (Cont.)
12/28/2005 Part 36 "Consequences in the Life of David"
12/21/2005 Part 35 "David Repents: Nathan & David (Part 2)"
12/14/2005 Part 34 "Confrontation: Nathan & David (Part 1)"
12/07/2005 Part 33 "David and Bathsheba (Part 2)"
11/30/2005 Part 32 "But David Tarried Still at Jerusalem (Part 1)"
11/23/2005 Part 31 "David and the Syrians"
11/16/2005 Part 30 "Davidís Conquests and Mephibosheth"
11/09/2005 Part 29 "Godís Covenant with David"
10/19/2005 Part 28 "They Set The Ark of God Upon a New Cart"
10/05/2005 Part 27 "They Anointed David King"
09/28/2005 Part 26 "The Extent of Davidís Kingdom"
09/07/2005 Part 25 "Saul's Death" (Cont.)
08/31/2005 Part 24 "Saul Died, and His Three SonsÖ"
08/24/2005 Part 23 "Make This Fellow Return""
08/10/2005 Part 22 "Saul and the Witch"
08/03/2005 Part 21 "David to the Philistines" (Cont.)
07/27/2005 Part 20 "David to the Philistines"
07/13/2005 Part 19 "The LORD Shall Smite Him"
06/22/2005 Part 18 "Abigail and Nabal (Cont.)"
06/15/2005 Part 17 "Abigail and Nabal"
06/08/2005 Part 16 "Mercy to Saul"
06/01/2005 Part 15 "Lessons from Wilderness of Ziph"
05/04/2005 Part 14 "David: Moab...Nob...Kei'lah"
04/27/2005 Part 13 "David in the Cave"
04/20/2005 Part 12 "David, The Schemer"
03/23/2005 Part 11 "The Life of David - Personal Devotional Observations"
- By Matt Von
03/16/2005 Part 10 "Jonathan Made a Covenant with the House of David"
03/02/2005 Part 9 "So, You Are All Alone?"
02/23/2005 Part 8 "And Saul Eyed David"
01/26/2005 Part 7 "Saul Became David's Enemy"
01/19/2005 Part 6 "David Behaved Himself Wisely"
01/12/2005 Part 5 "David and Goliath"
01/05/2005 Part 4 "What Shall be Done..."
12/29/2004 Part 3 "I Have Seen a Son of Jesse"
12/22/2004 Part 2 "From Saul to David"
12/15/2004 Part 1 "David, A Man After Godís Heart" - (David Series Introduction)

All 42 Sermons in the "David Series" are available on CD or tape

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