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WBS has four main levels of participation:

Friday School: WBS keeps records for the state requirements of homeschoolers, offers standardized testing, issues diplomas, and offers students participation in classes with parents as teachers.  Friday School is an extension of our individual home schools. It is a day of classes and Christian service activities. The coordinators and the administrator will decide upon the schedule and actual classes and events, with the ultimate authority going to the pastor. The classes are selected on the basis of need and parental suggestion. Included are such activities as classes in vocational awareness, safety, drama, speech, practical home life for boys and girls, art, music, preaching, Bible quizzing, etc.

Support Group: class and school activities participation only. WBS does not keep student's records and does not issue a diploma.  Standardized testing is available.

Umbrella School: Registration is required.  WBS keeps records, issues diploma, but the student does not participate in the WBS classes.

DVD School: No DVD School is currently offered.

Important Documents

» WBS Calendar

» WBS School Registration Form

» WBS Class Registration Form (Fall)

» WBS Class Description Form (Fall)

» WBS Class Registration Form (Spring)

» WBS School Handbook

» Statement Of Commitment

» Medical Release Form

» K-8 Cummulative Record Form

» High School Cummulative Record Form

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