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Junior Camp

Junior camp is an opportunity for kids in grades 4-6 to spend a quality time with other kids in a Christian controlled environment. 

Jr. Camp Information

July 9th – July 14th

Speaker:     Sam Brock

Location:    Camp Grace (4 hours, 11 minutes from Woodside)

                   384 Fletcher Park Road                    Wheatland, WY 82201

  • Please turn in your registrations to me (Pastor Jono) on/before June 10th (next Sunday!)
  • The cost of the camp is $135 (With $50 being due with the registration.)
  • Because the camp is about 4 hours away from church, we will meet at church on Monday (July 9th) at 10:30am.  (Bring either a sack lunch, or money for a fast food lunch on the way up.)
  • We will be returning to church around 1:00pm on Saturday (July 14th).  (Wes Andrews will take his mobile phone if you need to have a better idea of exact timing) 
  • Although it is not necessary, it would be good for a camper to bring some spending money.  $15-$25 would be adequate/average, but more or less money is up to your discretion. 
  • Wes Andrews will be driving the campers up on Monday, sponsoring them throughout the week, and driving them back on Saturday.  

 Important information:

          Pastor Jono’s mobile – 720-427-7532


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