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Schultz Family

B.J. and Cathy Schultz
Tanzania, Africa



BJ's Testimony:

I was saved when I was 8 years old. My mom came to my room to discipline me for fighting with my brother. As she began to talk with us about fighting with each other, she began to tell us of how Jesus never fought with His brothers. She told my brother and me why Jesus had to die: for our sins. Then she told us of all the miracles He performed and of His awful death on the cross. She explained to me how to pray and ask Christ to save me and forgive me. That night I prayed and asked Christ to forgive me for all my sin. I believe with all my heart that He did just that. In August 1986 at camp CoBeAc in Prudenville MI, I surrendered my life to do whatever God wanted me to do. I knew at the time He was calling me to the youth ministry. From that day on I set a course to become a youth pastor and follow the Lord's leading. After graduating from Maranatha Baptist Bible College in 1993, I spent the summer as a Neighborhood Bible Time evangelist. We conducted Vacation Bible Schools in many churches and personally saw hundreds of teens and children saved. In 1994 I married Cathy and we moved to Colorado to be a summer evangelist with Baptist Youth Mission and conduct Vacation Bible Schools while assisting a pastor with his church as volunteers. Finally in 1997 I was called to Calvary Baptist Church in Gaines, Michigan as the assistant pastor and ministered there just over 4 years before moving into missions. My goal has always been to be used by God to see lives changed for His glory.

Cathy's Testimony:

I grew up in a Christian home, and was saved at the age of five. I was at a church activity where my pastor's wife led me to the Lord after a story time. In this story the gospel was presented and I realized I needed to be saved and have my sins washed away. My pastor's wife read John 3:16 to me and explained what Jesus did on the cross. I prayed and received Christ as my Savior. I was baptized at nine years of age. I dedicated my life to serve the Lord during summer camp at Camp CoBeAc. I surrendered to the Lord's calling to be a missionary during a missions conference when I was twelve. The Lord has been working since that time to prepare me for this work with my husband. After graduating from Christian school I went to Bob Jones University and graduated in 1991. I've taught Sunday school, worked in Awana, and helped with special music. One summer I worked at Northland Camp as kitchen staff and counselor, and another summer as an intern for Baptist Children's Home in St. Louis, Michigan. BJ and I met at our home church and were married there. He has been the husband I prayed for as a young girl--a man who wants to serve God with his whole heart. I know God planned for us to be together to serve Him. My main task will be to take care of my family and home school my children.

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