Woodside Baptist Church
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Music Ministry

Troy Self, Associate Pastor, Music Director since 1988, Woodside Baptist Church and since 1991 with Woodside Baptist School

Woodside Baptist Church is an Independent Fundamental Baptist Church with traditional and conservative music for worship.

Our music purpose is to glorify God in all music we present.

Our music mission is to teach and admonish the saints in psalms, hymns and spiritual songs.

Our music goal is that we consistently accomplish our music purpose through equipped and Spirit-filled participants.

Our music ministry is a combination of skilled and developmental participants...advanced, intermediate and beginner players, adults and youth, striving to do the best they can.

You will hear all of these levels in the same songs, some in individual songs.

We are 'training and equipping' people for the work of the ministry, ultimately to glorify God at whatever level of skill one presently is.

Woodside Baptist Church - Dr. Craig M Scott, Senior Pastor
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