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Summer Camp


JH/SH Camp Information

Click Here for brochure and registration info (two pages). 

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Dates: June 21st -23rd & July 19th -21st

Speaker:     Jason Lorch (June 21-23) & Pastor Chuck Nicholson (July 19-21)

Locations:   Dotson Ranch

                   Callaway, Nebraska


Treasure Mountain Bible Camp (map in brochure)

                 500 E. Park Street


-        Registrations due to Pastor Jono on/before June 17th.  Late registrations will be accepted, but the price goes up (see brochure)

-        The cost of the camps is $100 (due w/ registration).  The cost of the camp after June 17th is $110 (due on the day of the camp).

-        We will meet at church on both Thursdays (June 21st and July 19th) at 10am.  Please bring either money for fast-food, or a picnic lunch.

-        We will be returning to church around 4:00pm on both Saturday afternoons (June 23rd and July 19th).  (I will have my phone if this would change.) 

-        Campers should bring either a sack lunch or some spending money for a meal to and from the camp.  $10-$15 would be adequate/average, but more or less money is up to your discretion. 

Important phone number:         Pastor Jono’s mobile – 720-427-7532



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