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Womens Ministry

Woman to Woman

Hang on for the Ride! 

Some Thoughts from Charlene Milner

Charlene Milner
Charlene Milner

A new building, new location, and many new faces!  What could be more exciting for our church, God's church?

The overwhelming response from the congregation a couple of weeks ago brought me to tears.  Even though my family has only been at the church for 3 ½ years it has become home.  We are so excited for what the Lord is doing and going to do at Woodside Baptist Church and thrilled to be a part of it. 

The offer made for the Eastern Hills property was countered, and we will be responding very soon!  While we don't know all God has in store for us yet, we know that this change is an exciting one.  There will be many opportunities for sure.  The most obvious will be the many visitors that will walk through the doors of WBC.  Making sure that we are friendly and accepting one of another is going to be huge and necessary as we make this move and grow in our new location.  I am committed to making this happen, and I hope you are as well! 


Can another List Help Make Life More Simple? 

Balancing Tasks While Keeping the Right Focus

Cheryl Manney
Cheryl Manney

I love to travel, to visit people, to plan big events, to always be doing something or going someplace, and I always have. But lately I have been dreaming of a "simple" life;one that involves minimal commitments anywhere but my own home, largely because my own home contains my biggest (and most adorable) commitments. Trying to home school three children while not ignoring the fourth while running a large home has begun to breed chaos everywhere I look. I long to start my day in quiet solitude with my Lord, but it typically begins with one of the kids smiling at me while I slowly open my eyes.  "Hi mommy, can we go downstairs now?" they ask.  It's a nice way to start the day, but I always wonder "Why don't they wake up slowly like me?" Better yet, "why don't I wake up with all they energy they have?"

The Lord has really been laying on my heart the importance of a "Daily To-Do List"; one that gets created each evening for the following day. Have I begun such list making? Not yet. At first the idea just seemed to add more work for me. But these last few weeks I've really taken a hard look at my days, and I see how "simple" it would make my life. When I get sidetracked by one of my kids (a daily occurrence) I typically forget what I was in the middle of doing. It creates a snowball effect - I forget what I was doing so I start something else, only to walk past the washer that's full of water, but no clothes! Only then do I remember what I had been doing, and then forget all about that second task. It's crazy, I know!

A list would help me to stay on track with the current task, and know what still needs to be done each day. It reminds me a lot of the menu I've been creating each week for my family. It has made grocery shopping less of a guessing game, a lot less expensive, and has simplified meal time, and my pantry. I think some things on my list will be set for certain times, while others will fall under a "need to be accomplished today" heading. 

Let's be realistic. Life with four kids, a husband, two cats and two horses will never really be simple, but maybe "The List" will make my daily routine simpler. I think the first thing on my Daily To-Do List will be some time alone with my Lord.



An Addition to the Nursery! 

A New Baby Means a Chance for YOU to Serve!

Melissa McConnell
Melissa McConnell

We have been so blessed to see more new faces in our nurseries recently!  We've had visitors and new members bringing their little ones in during service times.   We have also been blessed by the additional help we have received as new workers have stepped in to ease the work load.

I also have some exciting husband and I are thrilled to announce that we have a third little one joining our family in early September! That means I will need a replacement for myself as coordinator for at least 3-6 months while I juggle a newborn into our already busy schedule. Having this position covered will be a huge relief to us, and will allow us to focus 100% on our newborn.

If you are wondering, "What does the coordinator role entail?" Simply put, it is making weekly contacts to ensure that workers will be there to fulfill their assigned slots. I can still make sure the quarterly schedules go out and the church office has the correct information - I just need someone to make sure the workers are in place, any emergencies handled, and that there are clean toys for services.

If no one steps up, the nursery will certainly suffer!  Please be thinking of ways you can plug in to help love the little ones, and provide a safe place for parents to leave their treasures.

You can reach me by phone or email!  Just ask me for my information.



Hospitality Touches Visitors 

Making a Plan

Maria Dotson
Maria Dotson

Woodside has a tremendous reputation for hospitality. I recently attended the Colorado Invitational Bible Quizzing Tournament and was encouraged by talking to several of the women who attend with their quizzers. They each reported that the CI tournament is one of the nicest tournaments they attend all year. They noted the hospitality of the members, and the food is a big part of that. Do you know that most tournaments have a concession? Most do not provide food, especially the quality way Woodside does.  Many thanks to those who provided food and Naomi and crew who worked so hard in the kitchen for several days!  We know that no big undertaking does well without a good plan!

We haven't had many requests for homebound meals lately, andI've been thinking about an outreach for some of our chronically homebound members. They are able to 'attend' online, but miss the fellowship and touch of the body. How I would miss that if I were not able to be physically present! Let me know your thoughts on this. 

Please keep me informed if you hear of someone who might benefit from the food ministry, and I can contact them for assessment. We're anxious to serve.

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