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Welcome to the Woodside Baptist Church Youth site.   The goal of this page is to give you an indepth look at the youth ministry of Woodside Baptist Church.  Hopefully, through looking at this page, you will be able to catch our heartbeat... A heartbeat that has a strong desire to see God glorified and people grow in their relationship with Him!

Make sure to check out our information on the left side bar.  Check it out, explore, and enjoy.  If you have any questions feel free to contact Pastor Jono by e-mail at .


WBC Youth MinistryMissionStatement

 To train and motivate young people to . . .

                                1. Passionately Love God & His Word with all of their beings,

                                2. Unselfishly Serve God & others with all of their abilities,

                                3. Obediently Respect & Honor their God-given authorities,

                                4. Actively Spread the Gospel of Jesus Christ,

                                5. Aggressively Pursue personal purity and holiness.

The desired result being . . .

1. Young people who whole-heartedly follow the truths of the Scripture, the promptings of  

     the Holy Spirit, and the example of Jesus Christ.

2. The fulfillment of the ultimate goal of bringing honor and glory to God our Father and                     

    Jesus Christ our Savior.

Why Activities?

The purpose of the Activities in the WBC Youth Ministry is to Encourage, Exhort, Edify, and Evangelize through Excitement, Fun, Preaching/Teaching, Food, & Fellowship. 


Here is a summary of what we have done in the past few months, and what we are doing in the coming months:


March 7/8th           C.A.C.S. Tournament

March 12-14th       Junior High M.A.A.C.S Bible Quiz Trip (Kansas City, MO)

  • Adults (Pastor Jono and Jenny Schmitz)
  • Tuesday (12th): Meet at 8a.m., drive, Lazer Tag
  • Wednesday: Prepare/Study; Quiz; Church
  • Thursday: Travel back (arrive around 6pm)
  • Bring: Bible, Quizzing notebook, Navy blue shirt, Tan/khaki pants (boys)/ skirt (girls), Toiletries, Money for Fast food.  (6 meals - approximately $25-$35)

March 19th            T2 Ladies Activity (7th – 12th grade young ladies)

  • Titus 2:3-5 is the basis of this activity. The message of those verses teach us the importance of ladies in the church teaching the young ladies of the church important life lessons.  For these activities (generally 6:30-8:30pm), a different lady from the church teaches the teen girls a life skill and gives them a biblical challenge.  It is not only a time of fun, friendship, and fellowship, but also a chance to facilitate discipleship and the application of Titus 2:3-5.

March 20-22nd      Elementary M.A.A.C.S Bible Quiz Trip (Kansas City, MO)

  • Adults (Pastor Jono, Dante Cardenas, Tricia Chaney, and Cheryl Manney(?))
  • Wednesday (20th): Meet at 8a.m., drive
  • Thursday: Prepare/Study; Quiz; Lazer Tag
  • Friday: Travel back (arrive around 6pm)
  • Bring: Bible, Quizzing notebook, Navy blue shirt, Tan/khaki pants (boys)/ skirt (girls), Toiletries, Money for Fast food.  (6 meals - approximately $25-$35)

March 24th            Youth O.F.F. (Operation Fun and Fellowship – all 7-12th grade teens)

  • These ‘quick’ activities (around an hour and a half) are simply designed to encourage unity and fellowship within our youth group. Teens are encouraged to bring unsaved friends to visit the WBC evening service and then attend the activities with other teens their age. There is generally 1 OFF activity per month during the school months.

March 28-30th       Rocky Mountain Baptist Youth Conference (7th – 12th grade teens)

  • has schedule, details, and info.
  • Thursday afternoon (van meeting at church at 4pm) – Saturday noon
  •  Cost: $145
  • Sponsoring College: Bob Jones University
  • Keynote Speaker: Chris Anderson (and Matt Olson)


April 8,9-11th       AACS / SCQANIT  (Qualifying SH WBS students)

  • The quiz team did not go, but some from our youth group participated.  (Congratulations to Evan Self for taking 3rd place in the nation in Expository Preaching!)

*April T2, O.F.F, Snowboarding, and Game night

May:  (*May dates should be considered tentative)

May 18th               WBS Senior Graduation (not tentative)

May 19th               Youth O.F.F. (All 7-12th graders)              

May 21 or 23       T2 – Ladies Activity (All 7-12th graders)

May 24/25th         Youth Work-a-thon / Fundraiser: (All 7-12th graders, + Jr. campers?)

  • This is a chance for the teens to earn some much needed money for summer activities.  It is both a service activity and a fundraiser.  Here is how it works:
  • Each teen will be responsible to earn their own “sponsors.”  The sponsors will either sponsor them on a per-hour or flat rate basis. The teens will work on church projects and helping with projects at the elderly homes of members.  There will be no cost to the elderly nor the church.  All proceeds will come from sponsors and will go toward summer activities. 


June 14th               Quizzing/P.U.G. (4th-12th: 10-noon; 7th-12th: noon- 2pm)

  • Elementary-SH Quizzing 10am-noon; teen games until 2pm.

June 17th-22nd       Jr. Camp at Camp Eden (Golden, CO) – (4th-6th graders)

  • Registration due (to Pastor Jono) on/or before May 1st
  • See Pastor Jono for Brochures and information
  • Also see

June 24-29th          Teen Camp at Grandview Camp (Arizona)

  • Youth Camp is always a highlight of the summer. This summer we will be attending Grandview Camp in Arizona.
  • The speaker will be Evangelist Dave Young—a gifted and experienced evangelist with whom Micah Self has been travelling. The activities and environment at this camp will be incredible.
  • Most medical forms and registrations will need to be turned in soon, but full payments will be due the morning of the camp. Please be certain that all necessary forms are completed and turned in (early registration due by March 31st).
  • Please pray that God will bless this week of the summer as it is a Spiritual highlight for our youth group.
  • For more info see


July  5th                Quizzing/P.U.G.

July 8-12th            Vacation Bible School           

  • All teens are encouraged to help minister this summer with the children at the Vacation Bible School (June 18th-22nd).

July 14th               Church Anniversary / BBQ

July 17-20th          Teen Mini-Camp (*dates and location tentative)

July 26th               Quizzing/P.U.G.


August 1st-3rd        Teen Backpacking Trip (geared toward 9-12th, but 7,8th may go)

  • This is designed more for young people who like to do aggressive hiking and backcountry camping. Your young person will be given an opportunity to see the incredible handiwork of God while at the same time be challenged from God’s Word. This activity is not for those who do not like to hike hard and ‘rough it’ in the mountains. It will be very challenging! We will be backpacking into the mountains for about 3-4 miles and then camping for 3 days (2 nights). Prior mandatory meetings will be set up in preparation for this activity. The Cost of this trip will be $10 (plus all necessary personal equipment—much can be barrowed).

August 5-9th         Jr. Day Camp    

August 7th             Teen Water Wars

August 9th             Quizzing (but no P.U.G)

August 11th           Teen Service / Sr. Slide Show & Reception       

Other Ministry Opportunities / Activities:

Leadville V.B.S.

Leadville Ministry Trip(s)

Quizzing Rally(s) with other churches

Youth Outreach

Other Info:

          Sunday Morning Bible Study: Evangelism

  • Our Sunday Morning Sunday School Study has focused on the topic of Evangelism for the past several months.  We are coming to the end of our study.  I’m interested in having some parents share their testimony with the teens to close out the study.  If you are interested/available, please talk with me.  After we are finished with this study, we will be doing a short study on the use of talents for ministry (a spiritual gifts study), then we will be doing a split session: The guys will be doing a study on leadership and the young ladies will be doing a study focused on Christian womenhood.

          Wednesday Night Bible Study:       Proverbs       

  • Currently we are studying through the practical book of Proverbs.  Our Wednesday night summer programs consist of competitive outdoor games, and a Bible Study. Teens are encouraged to wear more athletic (but still modest) clothes to the youth program. The preaching and activities are designed for both saved and unsaved teens. Each teen is also encouraged to bring a friend(s) to this program as there will be a gospel presentation at some point of each night. We will be continuing our Bible Study in the book of Proverbs throughout the summer.

          Bible Quizzing: 1 & 2 Corinthians

  • Now is a perfect time to get involved with Bible Quizzing!  The quiz year runs from April to April, so we are beginning a new passage.  The passage for this coming year is 1 & 2 Corinthians.  If your young person is interested on getting ahead, they can start memorizing 1 or 2 Corinthians chapter 1.
  • In both the Sunday Night Bible Quiz Competitions and the Friday Morning Jr. and Sr. High National Practices, all teens are invited to come and practice, quote, and compete. The Sunday night (5-5:45pm) intramural competition is geared more toward the entire youth group competition, while the Friday practices are geared more toward accountability and preparation for future competitions in the Fall, Winter, and Spring. Realizing that it is not all about the competition, we will spend time discussing the rich doctrine of each passage.
  • Please realize that your teen does not need to plan on participating in future tournaments in order to come to quizzing. Everyone is invited to participate as we enjoy the accountability of God’s Word.


The summer of 2012 was awesome!  Here is a summary of what we did...

  • May 20th - O.F.F. Activity (Operation Fun and Fellowship)
  • May 25th - Boondocks
  • June 8th - O.F.F. Activity (Afternoon of lunch, games, and fellowship)
  • June 11-15 - Vacation Bible School (Teens were a huge help!)
  • June 21-23 - Teen Mini-camp #1 (Dotson's Ranch in Nebraska)
  • June 29th -  O.F.F. Activity (Afternoon of lunch, games, and fellowship)
  • July 6th - O.F.F. Activity
  • July 13th - O.F.F. Activity
  • July 15th - Church Anniversary BBQ
  • July 19-21 - Teen Mini-camp #2 (Treasure Mt. Bible Camp)
  • July 22-27 - Service/Ministry Trip to Leadville, CO (run VBS for a church)
  • August 3 - O.F.F. Activity
  • August 5 - Youth Service and Sr. Slide Show (PM service)
  • August 10/11 - Overnighter
  • August 12 - Church BBQ
  • August 13-17 - Jr. Day Camp
  • August 24 - O.F.F. Activity
  • August 25 - Paintball Activity
  • September 1 - Youth FFB Draft
  • September 8 - Amazing Race & Mini Golf Activity
  • September 16 - Church BBQ 

-Here is a summary of what we did the previous summer, too...

  • April 21-23 - Rocky Mountain Baptist Youth Conference (@ the Westin in Westminster)
  • May 6th - Minute to Win It Activity
  • May 7th - Youth Car Wash Fundraiser
  • May 21st - Youth Work-a-thon Fundraiser
  • June 4-11  Mexico Mission Trip
  • June 19 - Youth O.F.F. (Operation Fun and Fellowship)
  • June 27-July 1 - VBS
  • June 11-16  Teen Camp
  • July 20 - Water Wars
  • July 24 - Youth OFF
  • August 4-6  Backpacking Trip
  • August 14 - Singspiration
  • September 3 - Youth FFB Draft
  • September 9 - Three P's Night (Pizza, Prayer, and Planning)
  • September 22-24 - Kentucky Bible Quiz Tournament Trip


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