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Youth Music:

Bethany Lang (Wednesday)
11-Oct-06 "More Precious Than Gold"

Charity Lang - Piano Offertory (Wednesday)
04-Oct-06 "His Eye Is On the Sparrow"

Jessica Garner (Wednesday)
04-Oct-06 "I am Jesus' Little Lamb" - İBeckenhorst Press, Columbus, OH

Youth Ensemble (Evening)
01-Oct-06 "Before the Throne of God Above", this arr.İ SoundForth

Brittany Parker - Piano Offertory (Wednesday)
27-Sept-06 "When I Can Read My Title Clear"

Cailee Jordan (Wednesday)
20-Sept-06 "The Steps of a Good Man" - Arr. Parker, İC&L Enterprises, Greenville, SC

Ben Garner - Piano Offertory (Evening)

17-Sept-06 "No Not One"

Charity Lang (Evening)
17-Sept-06 "The Life of His Son in Me" - İThe Wilds Music, Greenville, SC

Stephen Ayon (Wednesday)


"Wayfaring Stranger"


Youth Ministry

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